As a mom, I completely understood that creating a kids area has to have multiple uses.  It has to constantly evolve and change, kind of like a Transformer and be, how shall i say this…cheap.  I can still recall the many phases of my twins’ space.  It went from a toddlers playroom, complete with a training potty smack in the middle of the room to an arts and  crafts studio and then on to a hang out space.

So, when a Ddigz client asked us to help her create a kids study/music room/hang out area for her 3 growing boys, we were up for the challenge.  It’s all about “design with direction.”  What is the goal? Who in this space needs to be heard and understood with their immediate and future needs?  What about aspirations? I know that might sound silly. I mean, it’s only a room right? Not to me.  All spaces, in my mind, have a goal and a direction.

So, what we did was have respect for all 3 boys. We heard them.  The space was carefully planned; the desk areas were cleaned up, organized and painted white. I love white as anyone who follows me probably knows by now.

Ergonomic desk chairs replaced the old ones for the brother who was on his computer 24/7.  The musician was given a place to proudly display his guitars and practice. The brother who likes to “chill” was thrilled with his deep seated sofa in brown chenille.  It doesn’t show any of the soda he spills on the couch.. cool.

Everyone is happy including mom.  She and the Ddigz team are very proud of how the kids space turned out. It looks great and was inexpensive.  Perfect!

Dimare Design Study Room Kids Livingroom Interior Design Miami 1
Dimare Design Study Room Kids Livingroom Interior Design Miami 2
Dimare Design Study Room Kids Livingroom Interior Design Miami 3
Dimare Design Study Room Kids Livingroom Interior Design Miami 4
Dimare Design Study Room Kids Livingroom Interior Design Miami 5
Dimare Design Study Room Kids Livingroom Interior Design Miami 6
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