Are you ready to take your Cinco de Mayo fiesta to the next level? Look no further! We’ve gathered our top 5 DIY fiesta party decor ideas. All of these ideas are easy, quick and can be made using resources you have laying around your home. Read DiMare Design 5 Cinco de Mayo DIY Party Ideas and let us know which are your favorites in the comments below!

Party Drinks

Enhance the drinks you will be serving at your Cinco De Mayo party by making mini paper stirrers that you can add to each drink. These cute fans are quick to make out of small pieces of tissue paper that are folded and hole-punched to create a beautiful and festive design.

View the paper fan drink stirrers tutorial at Tell Love And Party.

Party Favors

Set the table for your Cinco De Mayo party by making mini pinatas that you can leave beside everyone’s dinner plate as a fun activity before the meal. These cute pinatas can be made with cardboard and tissue paper, and unlike traditional pinatas, the mini pinatas are easy to get the prizes inside out without making a mess as there is a bottom flap to open to pour out the prizes inside.

View the mini pinatas tutorial at Oh Happy Day.

DIY Fiesta Bar Signs

Decorate for your fiesta by tying together several balloons and then attaching mini gold letter balloons to the balloons cluster string. Using the mini balloons you can spell out your custom fiesta message, over two clusters of balloons for the perfect backdrop behind your Cinco De Mayo food table.

View the fiesta balloons tutorial at Design Improvised.

DIY Pattern Bowls Sugar Cloth

Serve up corn nacho chip and some spicy salsa for your at-home fiesta by making your own set of hand-painted patterned bowls by painting terra cotta bowls or creme brûlée dishes with porcelain paint to create your cacti or geometric design. Once painted, make sure to bake the dishes and follow up with food-safe clear shellac prior to using the bowls to serve food. Visit for more information.

View the fiesta snack bowls tutorial at Sugar And Cloth.

Cactus Pillow

Go ahead and snuggle this cactus, it is super soft and the perfect fun accent that you can sew for your living room or next home fiesta. The cactus is made by sewing green fabric together following the simple pattern and then further enhanced with white yarn to form the cactus needles. The completed pillow will make a great addition to your fiesta decor, by adding it to a chair or your back yard patio but it can also be used year-round to add some flair to your home decor, discover here.

View the cactus pillow tutorial at Everything Emily.

Source: The SpruceCrafts

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