Non-Toxic & Healthy Design

Fabrics, lighting and furniture all contribute to a client’s physical & emotional well-being. There are over 80,000 dangerous chemicals and poisons that are legal to use in fabrics. We believe that is unethical, unnecessary and dangerous. Our focus is creating environments to keep you and your loved ones happy, healthy and strong.

Non-Toxic Healthy Design

Have You Discovered Healthy & Safe Interiors?

DiMare Design offers ultra-luxury custom interior design consulting and remodeling for residential and commercial properties throughout the United States and internationally. Our work is non-toxic, cruelty-free and designed for optimal physical and emotional health and well-being.

“Deborah has made our house a home. We have selected furnishing together from around the world and seeing all the selections come together is just amazing. Her tastes and discerning eye designed the most spectacular home imaginable. We are looking forward to our photo-shoot with Architectural Digest this Fall. All the best and many thanks.”

Chloe O.