Get A Virtual Design Room Makeover!

We create chemical & cruelty free, healthy homes & spaces virtually – room by room, not by the hour! We take away all the stress of decorating a room magically disappear! (watch video to see how it works! (2 minutes)

Cruelty Free Casa is an online, virtual interior design service. We are professional design consultants focused on creating organic, beautiful spaces for you that are free from tragedy & toxins.

We decorate your space with your style & budget & help you pull your room together. But we do it differently than most. We focus on your health & ethics and do it affordably.

Your space will be safe & filled with good energy. Cause we don’t like using materials & furniture made with chemicals & that are animal based. We choose fabulous, durable & well priced options to keep you happy, healthy & strong!

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Our virtual design services help create happy, healthy & ethical spaces that are:

  • Durable, affordable & quick
  • Chic & beautiful
  • Non toxic & cruelty free

They’re great for renters, homeowners, nurseries, offices & more CLICK HERE to learn more!

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Virtual design services can include any or all of the following. It’s up to you entirely! We are here to help:
  • Playrooms/Nursery, Home Office, Bedrooms
  • Safe Office Reconfiguration & Design
  • Rearranging Furniture & Accessory Help
  • Recreate a room you love. Send us a picture & we will duplicate it without chemicals & non animal based.
  • Finding items
  • Choosing art
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Paint Colors
  • Finding that One Product
  • Will it Fit? Help with Design Layouts
  • Closet Organization
  • Spaces for developmental, neurological & medical issues: Autism, ADHD, Sensory Challenges, Allergies, Seniors etc.

The above are just a few of the many ways we can help.

“If anyone knows how to transform a living area into a wellness sanctuary, it’s Deborah DiMare & her team. They create luxury interiors that are also functional, animal- and child-friendly, and 100% vegan.”

It’s simple. We love all beings – humans & non. We believe your furniture should be safe, stylish & durable while making an impact on the lives of all living creatures human and non.

How It Works:

  • Let’s Kick It Off – We start with an awesome questionnaire that not only asks you details about your room, budget and inspiration. We go deep! We want to know about any health issues, the goal of the space. For us it’s not just about creating a pretty space. It’s about that space having positive energy by carefully choosing items that work for the personal needs of the space. Chemicals and animal based decor is not for us! We want clean, safe, durable spaces. All of us need healthy habitats; chemicals in furniture is linked to cancer, infertility, developmental issues, respiratory issues just to name a few.
  • Collaboration – We collaborate with you on ideas, inspiration, likes, dislikes etc.
  • Virtual Call – We like seeing your face! We will meet virtually with you, take a tour of the space if you like review the existing furniture, if any, that is going to part of the design, finalize ideas, looks, needs etc. Don’t have access to the space? No prob. We can still have selections etc. decided so all is ready for when you do move in.
  • Your Room is Ready! We send you a layout of where everything goes, a detailed list of healthy, cruelty free furniture & decor to shop in a super easy checkout. Just the click of a button. You’re in control.

“A healthy living space is essential to our well being. Deborah & her team understand that our things absorb and reflect the energy that went into making them. The idea of healthy compassionate design is an opportunity to imbue joy and vitality into my surroundings.”  

– Melodie Woods

Here’s A Few FREE Perks You Get With Your Design Package!

  • Coupons worth hundreds of dollars in savings in cruelty free furniture & decor!
  • Complimentary purchasing service
  • A handy Vegan Design “Tip” sheet to save on your phone. It’s filled with curated facts & tips of what to look for & what to avoid when seeking healthy & ethical products for your home or office
  • An invitation to our private Facebook Group “Healthy & Humane Design.” Get DIY tools, tips, connect with others, learn from experts.
  • A Plastic Scorecard & PVC Pyramid Sheet to refer to when buying products.

The Details Of What’s Included:

      • A review of your likes, dislikes, budget and needs.  We get to know you and the purpose of the space(s) for the now and for the future.  Are we designing for a family? Nursery? Home schooling? Meditation? Your elderly parents?
      • A review of your existing furniture if any. Not sure if you should keep it or not? We help you decide. We love to recycle. But sometimes, it’s time to say goodbye.
      • Defining your style. Rustic, modern, shabby chic, swanky, a little of everything? We will help you make that decision.
      • Color; We suggest specific colors for certain reasons.  If you desire a fresh start, perhaps white. If you’re feeling a little blue and in a funk lately, perhaps bright colors on certain walls.
      • Lighting; As important as color.  Lighting can change the mood of a room in an instant.  Are we creating a sexy space or a space for someone with sensory issues? Do you need lighting for reading in bed?
      • Floor coverings: Area rugs, floor pillows and maybe a  special bed for your furry BFF pet? We’ve got it covered (bad joke).
      • Scent; Smell is the strongest sense. We can create certain moods by suggesting specific home fragrances. For example, citrus stimulates and lavender calms.
      • Accent Décor; Picture frames, posters, art, accessories etc. We believe in placing pictures throughout your space that make you smile. Happy spaces equals happy faces!
      • After our virtual call, give us 3 days to create your customized design. We are like the little elves of the virtual interior design world, working throughout the night to create your masterpiece.
      • You receive a fully detailed and completed design of your space that includes the following; a furniture layout, mood board with furniture & decor selections, a product list with links to purchase.
      • You can purchase everything or just a few items. It’s entirely up to you. All items are from online retailers . It’s that simple. You can have your space professionally designed in 3 days without ever leaving your couch and without paying fancy designer fees.
      • Coupons worth hundreds of dollars in savings in cruelty free furniture & decor!

“Cruelty Free Casa helped me design my small living room. The designer was very attentive and helped me put together pieces I didn’t even know went together! Awesome if you don’t have time or the “eye” to pick out pieces of furniture. Everything shipped super fast and we were able to keep my entire living room under $1000.00″

– Melodie Woods






🎁 Give A Custom Room Design Makeover Gift Certificate 🎁

Our virtual design services help create happy, healthy & ethical spaces that are:

  • Durable, affordable & quick
  • Chic & beautiful
  • Non toxic & cruelty free

They’re great for renters, homeowners, nurseries, offices & more CLICK HERE to learn more!

Meet The Founder of Cruelty Free Casa

Deborah DiMare is an accomplished cruelty-free design consultant, expert & trainer. She has been the principal of DiMare Design, an ultra luxury compassionate design consulting firm for nearly 20 years. She is also the creator of VeganDesign.Org, an educational website that trains industry professionals all over the world about wellness & vegan design. She is an author, TV personality, educational speaker, and global influencer for the vegan & wellness design movement.

Deborah is showing the world that no living creature, human & non, need suffer or die for beautiful furniture. She has demonstrated how less toxic, healthier, durable and luxurious faux alternatives can easily replace wool, fur, leather & other animal derived materials.

Deborah and her design expertise & training have been featured on the Today Show, NBC, TLC and in the pages of The Huffington Post, The Hollywood Reporter, Dezeen, Live Kindly, The Telegraph, Forbes, The London Financial Times & VegNews.

“I was so impressed with my design assistant’s vision & her ability to suggest ideas that I never would have imagined myself. She was in tune with my lifestyle & myself. Since I’m not confident in my own judgement when it comes to interior design, it feels great to have fun and trust an expert. I highly recommend their services. You will love the results.”

– R Contreras


“Design for Happiness, Health & Strength”

We’re here to help! Please contact us with any questions you have: