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It all starts from the very beginning. Surrounding our children from the moment they enter this world, in the cleanest, non-toxic and positive environment is crucial to their physical and mental development. Nothing less will do because you are your child’s protector. Kind, safe, gentle furniture and décor only. We’re here to guide and teach you.

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Non Toxic Nursery Design

For Designers, Caregivers, Parents & Consumers

This course was created to teach you how to decorate a baby & child’s nursery or bedroom with furniture, cribs & décor that will not harm or affect the mental & physical development of a fragile newborn or child. In two hours & an easy to follow online format, you’ll learn from a group of experts how to design a nursery and child’s room that is not only decorated beautifully, but safe, non toxic & cruelty free.

Nursery Shopping Guide

For Designers & Consumers

Gain access to our coveted Nursery & Kids Spaces Furniture & Décor Resource Guide. It’s really a gem and saves you endless hours of research. It’s contains nearly 100 vendors that have one or more certifications that fall within our strict guidelines of sustainability, fair trade, cruelty-free, non-toxic and/or vegan. You don’t have to do a minute of research on your own for a nursery or child’s room!

Sensory Friendly Design

For Designers & Consumers

We all want to be happy, healthy and strong. Our environment plays a key role in how we grow, adapt, socialize and maintain inner balance and peace. When designing a space for a child or adult in the spectrum of autism, specific considerations to meet their sensory needs is critical. Listen and learn from the experts about how to design for those with developmental differences.

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