As a cruelty free designer, i find it challenging to find things that meet my ethical & healthy standards. I’m always in search for really great cruelty free, vegan, healthy furniture, decor, and home products.. So I’m really psyched to show you this Public Goods Unboxing Video

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Forward Thinking

Public Goods is a very forward thinking company focused on the environment and ethics. Their products don’t contain harsh chemicals, are affordable and the containers are reusable. They are great products to use for the family including babies and children. They are gentle. Their candles, home cleaning and skincare lines are completely organic and natural. They focus on loving the earth and its inhabitants. Awesome!

Cool Founder

The founder of Public Goods is a gentleman whose family owned a leather business. He learned from the family business that the contents of a product is really worth very little.  Customers pay up to 10 times what a product is worth because of the packaging costs.

Public Goods Candle

Decorating Hacks

I’ve always loved using products in atypical ways. So in this video, I’m going to show you, for example how a candle for a bathroom can be dressed up for the living room. Or that same candle can be dressed down for the kitchen. I’m going to give you ideas of how to “think out of the box” when displaying a product.

We all want to be happy, healthy and strong. So, surrounding ourselves with products that are free from tragedy and toxins is a key factor to our mental and physical stability. Hope you like “A Public Goods Unboxing Video.”  I would love your thoughts. Please comment.

– Deborah

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