Closet Design And Storage. No matter how small or large a closet is, it can never be organized or store enough stuff! Closets are, in my opinion, one of the most important hidden gems in a home. A cluttered closet is a cluttered mind. Yes, I believe that. So here are my tips to a beautiful, happy, organized closet design and storage. Of course, my hacks are non toxic, vegan and free from tragedy.

Closet Design and Storage

Tip for an Amazing Closet Design and Storage: Paint Your Closet with Non Toxic Paint Only

  • Why I love it: Most paints contain strong dangerous chemicals that can make you and your family very sick. These chemicals go into the air. It’s called “off gassing.” Your skin is porous and these highly toxic chemicals seep into your bloodstream through your clothing within seconds!
  • Advice for Pulling it off: Learn about which paints are low VOC, meaning have low volatile organic compounds. Translation; safer painter for you and your family.
  • Color tip; If the closet has no windows or is in a dark area, use a light color or you will have a hard time seeing your clothes.
  • Fave products I’d like to call out: Here’s two of my favorite brands, Montage and Renaissance.

The Tip: Don’t Throw Out Awesome Boxes. Recycle!

  • Why I love it; Do you want to be healthy, happy and strong? Then recycle! Why? Cause you’re saving all living beings and the planet when you recycle. Recycling creates less pollution and that trickles down to a healthier planet, saving animals and workers from suffering for more needless consumption.
  • Advice for Pulling it off: Stack the beautiful boxes that shoes, blankets and fragile items come in. Create a label on the front of each box with what it’s going to store. These boxes are a representation of you! Those gorgeous shoes you bought, the pair of wine glasses etc. These boxes will make you smile when you open your closet and start your day reminding you of happy things!
  • Fave products I’d like to call out: If you want to add some extra storage boxes, go sustainable and animal free (no leather bound boxes). Let’s keep chemicals and negative energy away from your clothing. You want happy, loving garments that are not surrounded by tragedy. This rope basket is a great option. Of this faux leather storage box.

The Tip: Garden Hand Rake for Jewelry Storage

  • Why I love it; It’s unique, cheap and definitely a conversation starter. Oh, and it’s ethical. This girl don’t need no fancy silk jewelry box (silkworms are living beings too). It’s a very hip addition to a closet and works great for necklaces.
  • Fave products I’d like to call out; This cool wall metal rake or this bird rack. I love this wooden rustic jewelry organizer.

The Tip: Lighting, lighting, lighting.

  • Why I Love It; Lighting can impact the way you view yourself in a new outfit. Also you can view the true  color of all of your pieces hanging up throughout the closet! So, the key is to combine good track lighting with an adorable ‘centerpiece’ fixture. Find one that makes you say “wow, we’re in a closet?” It can be a full blown chandelier or a series of pendants.
  • How to pull it off: soft, warm lighting mixed with stronger overhead lighting. This means, strips of LEDs hiding under cabinets and track lighting from above. The track lighting highlights your “special” pieces. Then the grand fixture for over your closet island if you have one. If not, a smaller fixture in the ceiling will do just fine.
  • Fave Products I like to call out; For strip lighting, we love this product. It’s dimmable tape lighting. For track lighting, tilt able tracks are great to spot certain areas.  And finally, for the piece de resistance, here’s a few overhead lights in different styles: A ‘firework’ chandelier, a mid-century modern choice, or, for a more bohemian look, this beaded chandelier is one of my favorites.

The Tip: Rethink Your Love/Hate Relationship with  Wallpaper!

  • Wallpaper isn’t for grandma’s house any more. It’s hip, artistic and one of my favorite elements to use in spaces. I very rarely “don’t” install wallcoverings in areas of a home or office these days. I love wallpaper! It’s a great addition to add a pop of  interest behind the closet shelving.
  • How to Pull it off; The easiest method is to use peel & stick wallpapers. They’re ready to be applied the second you buy them!
  • Fave products I like to call out; A grasscloth wallpaper is a classic choice and one I use frequently. It’s timeless so, most likely, you’ll be able to keep it up for years. Here’s a lovely blue grasscloth option that we adore. For a touch of nature in your space, you could go for this lovely olive branch option. For a third and final (more modern) choice, here’s a black & white option as well.

People want to come home to healthier, happier environments. Zero toxin, vegan and wellness design is becoming the “new normal.”

Deborah DiMare Miami New York Design Consultant
– Deborah DiMare –

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