Sustainable Christmas Gift Guide


Did you know that between Thanksgiving and New Year, Americans leave behind 25% more waste than usual? That’s crazy!

It’s hard to find solid reports of how much exactly, but it runs into millions of tons of garbage. Wrapping paper, Christmas cards, ribbon, decorations, and plastic packaging. And all of that has such a negative effect on the planet!

But there’s good news. You don’t have to be an eco-Grinch to have a great Christmas and still give gifts everyone will love.

So we’ve put together an environmentally-conscious gift guide. Perfect for those who want the planet to feel some love during Christmas too! Here are our eco-friendly Christmas shopping ideas.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Shopping Tips

Having a more eco-friendly Christmas starts with your shopping. If you can, it’s a great idea to shop at an eco-friendly store. Some only sell sustainable goods, others are zero-waste. Either way, it helps to support your local sustainable stores!

Otherwise, getting a gift online is the new way to go! It’s a super eco-friendly Christmas shopping idea and the options are almost endless. Some of which we’ll share below.

And of course, an environmentally-conscious gift guide wouldn’t be complete without talking
about the way you wrap your gifts. Depending on what you’re giving, try:

● Recycled/compostable gift wrap
● Reusable fabric wrap (or a scarf!)
● Newspaper
● Reusable fabric gift bags
● Glass jars

The Environmentally-Conscious Gift Guide

There’s an eco-friendly gift for every type of person! We can’t cover all of them in this article, for obvious reasons. But we have picked some types of people we all know! We’re huge fans of smart, practical, and interesting products! Of course, vegan, cruelty-free, and all-natural are also boxes that we need to tick. You should find at least one idea here for someone in your life.

For the Moms-To-Be: An Online Nursery Design Course


Benefits of Hardwood

Do you know someone who’s expecting a baby soon? Designing a vegan, eco-friendly nursery helps the baby to grow up in the safest, healthiest environment. But getting the design right can be quite a challenge.

Did you know that everything from blanket fabric to the paint on the walls could contain toxic chemicals? And nobody wants their baby exposed to any kind of toxins.

Anyway, designing and putting together your baby’s nursery is fun! For parents who are looking to start their little one off on the healthiest track possible, this is a great idea.

It’s also quite short (2 hours or so), so it’s perfect for ladies who are busy or work long hours. Easy to fit in, and the long-term effects on the little ones will be worth it!

For the Homebody: A Virtual Design Consultation


Properties of Porcelain

Some people just prefer the comfort of home! Do you know anyone like this? Your eco-friendly gift could help them feng shui their home so it’s even more beautiful than it already is.

Everyone loves a pretty home but it’s a tough thing to create for most people! It should definitely be comfortable and homely. But most homeowners don’t have a clue how to put furniture, accessories, art, and colors together in a pleasing way.

A virtual design consultation is an exciting way to help them get new ideas for their home. Just make sure you don’t accidentally offend someone! It might be best for those who have a passion for decorating but admit that it’s tough!

Characteristics of Ceramic


What better way to make your daily life more eco-friendly than to get all-natural crockery? These handmade bowls aren’t just good for the planet, they’re also quite gorgeous. Plus, they would make a great talking point at dinner parties!

They’re perfect for many uses. Dessert bowls when you’re having others over for a meal. Dishing up bowls. Snack bowls! They’re made from coconut, so they’re as natural as can be.

It may be a small set, but this could be the start of an eco-friendly lifestyle. Plus, they come in recyclable packaging (obviously!).

For the Cat Parents: A Teepee Cat Bed

A tee pee cat bed is the perfect combo of stylish and practical! If you know someone who loves their cats but loves their decor too, it could be ideal.

Aside from looking like a beautiful piece of furniture, there are a few other benefits to this cat bed. One, it’s made from natural bamboo, so it’s planet-friendly. Two, there’s nothing toxic in it that could make your cat sick. And three, it’s cushy and cozy for your favorite furball.

Which is basically the perfect combination when it comes to pet furniture. Your cat-loving, planet-loving friends and family will appreciate the thought that’s gone into this gift!

Qualities of Vinyl

We all know at least one person who says their dog is their best friend. Maybe it’s you! This is a lovely gift that’s basically for both the dog parent and the pup.

Remember how we used to have matching friendship necklaces? This is like one of those, but for dogs and their owners. Get it for that friend or family member who will appreciate you spoiling their dog as well as them!

The dog collar is made of vegan leather so it’s probably one of the most eco-friendly ones you can find. The matching bracelet is the same, and both have a colorful, diamond-pattern design on them.

Want even more reason to get this for your dog-loving person? The company donates money from every sale to dog shelters to feed pups who haven’t met their best human friend yet.

Please check out our chemical and cruelty free Amazon shop. We’ve curated our favorite products for the home, our pets and lifestyle for you to find.

Eco-friendly Christmas shopping is easy with an environmentally-conscious gift guide! Especially if you’re shopping for a vegan or an eco-warrior but you’ve never really thought about what it means to buy an eco-friendly gift.

I challenge you to have the most environmentally-friendly Christmas you can this year. From gifts to wrapping and even your decor, just a few small changes can make your Christmas waste-free.

About the Author
Jordan Fuller is a retired golfer who loves the sport and the environment it’s played in. When he’s not on the course improving his game or mentoring others, he writes value-packed articles for his website, Golf Influence.

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