How To Design the Best Healthy Vegan Home🧚‍♀️ We all want to be happy, healthy and strong don’t we?  We don’t wake up in the morning and shout out “today, I want to be sad, weak and unmotivated!” It’s scientifically proven that most of us crave positivity. Of course we do!  However, we still seek confirmation from the world of science. I recall years ago when  “baloney sandwiches are bad for your health!” made headlines. REALLY??  I had absolutely no  idea that chemically injected, processed, dyed animal meat byproducts weren’t part of an ideal diet for humans! Shocking! Btw, i had to look up the spelling of baloney. Yes it’s been that long since I ate a baloney sandwich. I think the last time was when I was a kid in summer camp. Back to “how to design the best healthy vegan home.” Watch this recorded webinar I did for the fabulous EGE Carpet Showroom in London about the subject (of vegan design…not baloney sandwiches 😏).

Why Vegan Design

Why should you consider decorating your spaces with furniture and knick knacks that are not made from animals and contain less chemicals?

What is Vegan Design

What the heck is vegan design? Well, your diet may be healthy, but your furniture most likely is not. It’s all about how to create safe, healthy & non animal based (vegan) homes & offices. Now if you’re not a vegan, please don’t get turned off by the word “vegan.” Replace vegan with healthy, non toxic, safe, positive, durable, affordable, luxurious, cruelty free, humane etc. etc. Take a look at some gorgeous luxury vegan designed homes.

Hire a Designer Consultant

Dangerous Decor

Did you know that leather contains over 250 dangerous chemicals. Some of the chemicals include lead, mercury, chromium and formaldehyde. These poisons are linked to cancer, infant deaths, respiratory disease, asthma, rashes, Autism and other neurological impairments. There are fabulous places to shop for safe and humane furniture, fabric and decor.

If you want to stay mentally and physically healthy, your environment is just as important as your diet and lifestyle. Watch this talk about this topic with EGE Carpets in London.

Health Benefits of Vegan Alternatives

Non animal based materials, furniture and decor are better for the environment, which is better for all living beings. It can take up to two years to raise a cow for it to then be killed for its skin or meat. Those two years produced a tremendous amount of pollution from the methane cows produce, deforestation and wasted land for the cattle to graze on. Also the endless chemicals that were used to treat the skins.

Autism & Vegan Design

Non toxic, safe and vegan fabrics, paints and furniture are ideal for those with sensory and developmental issues. Wool, for example is loaded with pesticides, smells gamey and is rough and itchy. It also takes many sheep sheared horrifically. There is no such thing as responsible wool. Don’t believe it for a second!

Want to see more beautiful images of vegan spaces? Here’s a beautiful coffee table book, “Vegan Interiors – Home Edition.”

Decor Free From Tragedy & Toxins

And yes, we are all connected by energy, find more info about it at Why would you want to surround yourself, your babies, your children & your office in tragedy and toxins.  Here’s an idea of how many animals are needed for our decor. Don’t neglect the fact that there are laborers connected to these animals who are equally suffering.

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