Are Non-Toxic Nurseries The Future? Keep reading to learn why they will and can be!

As my mom told me when my twins were born many years ago, “Honey, you’re never ever going to sleep like you did before they came into your life.” Why was she always right??

I believe most of us want to do everything we can for our babies and kids so they grow to be the best they can be. That is why I choose to educate people about non-toxic nurseries. Learning how to design with your child’s health in mind starts your parenting journey on the right foot.

As a designer, I’ve learned over the years that everything & anything can seriously affect a child’s mental and physical development. Here are just a few examples:

  • furniture
  • sheets
  • mattresses
  • paint
  • air purifiers/aromatherapy machines

It’s true and very scary.

Autism, asthma and allergies come to mind. There is Arsenic in tons of cribs and kid’s furniture! Can you believe that?!

Online Nursery Design Course

Cruelty Free Nursery Design Course

To answer the question of “Are Non-Toxic Nurseries The Future?” – we created an Online Nursery Design Course. We created it because we saw a need to answer this question! The course also teaches you about designing cruelty-free spaces.

Animal based décor is loaded with poisons so dangerous that it’s unimaginable that they’re legal to use.

    • PFAS (that’s Pee – fas) are just one example. They’re a common poison found in kid’s furniture made with leather and wool. It’s called the forever chemical. Cause it never leaves their body!
    • The safest furniture and décor for your child is clean design – no toxins, no chemicals and no tragedy.

But “can it still be trendy and fabulous looking” you ask? Of course, it can! And I will show you how. What is so cool about this course, is that I approach it as a mom and designer. Meaning, it’s quick. It’s two hours only. Bada-bing, bada-boom!

“Cause our kids run us ragged and we are tired and busy and don’t have time gosh darnit!” (another one of my mother’s sarcastic, but true quotes)

What to Expect from the Course:

  • It’s online. You can do it even while feeding the baby or driving. Just kidding. I wanted to make sure you’re still alert while reading this. You can do it at your own pace. 15 minutes here or there if that works for you.
  • You learn from experts besides me. Lisa Bronner, Barry Cik, Patti Grossman, Nancy Amar and Tracie Kesatie. OK. I’m name dropping. I’m just so proud of our experts.
  • I teach you, step-by-step (and with a mother’s patience), how to layout a room for your baby and child.
  • How to match and pick colors and. . . (drumroll please!). . . how to become your own healthy and humane design expert. How awesome is that!?
Non Toxic and Cruelty Free Baby and Kids Room Design Course Online

Isn’t 70 cents a day (yes, it’s that affordable!), worth learning not only how to decorate your child’s space like an expert, but that is free from danger, danger that can cause them mental and physical damage!

By taking this course you will get the answer to “Are Non-Toxic Nurseries the Future?” and more! It’s a yes or no question but this course dives into the WHY behind that answer. Designing spaces for children is more than just appearance, it’s about the who, what, when, where & why of the design!

Thank you for being open to learning and taking control of your child’s present and future life.

– Deborah


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