Being a vegan means a lot more than not eating meat. It is an ethical choice in all aspects of our life from the clothes we wear to the furniture in our homes. Everything we do must be informed by how it affects the world. In a previous blog we gave vegan design tips that prevent any animal skins from being used in interior design but also showed how a vegan home can still be luxurious and stylish. Miami is a great city to be vegan as it is surrounded by nature and some of America’s most beautiful neighborhoods. While it is about making ethical choices, it is also about connecting with the environment around us. In this article, we will look at the best neighborhoods in Miami to live and be connected with nature while also inspiring our creative side.

1. Design District – This is a stunning neighborhood where art is celebrated. The area is covered in beautiful graffiti and fits in with the artistic ethics of the vegan lifestyle and modern interior design. One example of this making the old new are the old warehouses that were reused and are now shops and galleries. USA today listed Design District in their top Miami neighborhoods due to the fact that a large number of creative people moving to the city migrate there. For interior designers, there is no better inspiration than art, and the district features some of Miami’s best galleries and museums.

2. Coral Gables – This beautiful neighborhood is known for its banyan trees that line nearly every street. Sometimes it is the small things that help us connect with nature and walking down leafy streets can help us forget that we are in the center of a bustling city. The area is also known for its wide canals making it ideal for marine lovers as well as its beautiful historic architecture. A sure-fire inspiration for interior designers.

3. Miami Lakes – Interspersed between small waterways Miami Lakes is a serene place to live. While Miami is famous for its beaches and oceans sometimes it is nice to enjoy the other water features of the city. With 23 lakes and many parks, Miami Lakes is one of the city’s best green spaces. The area is also known for its postmodern architecture with some of the city’s most dynamic buildings.

4. Palmetto Bay – For nature lovers, Palmetto Bay is one of Miami’s best places to live. The city is
renowned for its green programs such as the LEED-certified Coral Reef Park building and Village Hall. The area is also widely celebrated for its five village parks that have earned Palmetto Bay the nickname of ‘Village of Parks.’

Palmetto Bay

5. Key Biscayne – Key Biscayne is well known for its natural beauty. Located between Crandon Park and Miami Dade Country Park in the north and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park in the south, Key Biscayne is surrounded by nature nursery San Marcos, CA. One of the best ways to see the island is by bike. The island also has an ancient fossil reef unique to the area and also features some of Miami’s most luxurious modern homes.

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